Welcome to U Spa. Your Massage Choice Downtown. 568 Yonge @Wellesley

The answer is pure and simple, as a distinguished individual, you need a massage downtown several times a month in a safe reliable massage parlour. Our spa is new, clean and luxurious. We always have three attractive asian massage girls waiting to attend to you. Are you ready for a relaxing Asian massage?

U Spa provides an environment where relaxation, escapism and enjoyment are taken to a whole new level. Our spa is large, has a clean shower and is carpeted. We ensure that each person feels respected and appreciated while using our facility. We want to supercede your expectations. Drop by early to speak to the manager about the different girls and the massage options available.

The club has a variety of ladies from all over Asia. New faces every day. Drop by to see who we have working. We have many tiny ladies from Guangzhou and Fuzhou. We also have full-figured ladies from northern China and Korea.

About Us

U Spa provides an environment for relaxation in a classy, upscale setting.


Socialize with one of our friendly Massage Attendants

Contact Us

Monday-Sunday 10am-late
Email: yongespa@gmail.com

Important Note:

We are not a "body-rub parlour" - we are a holistic massage centre. Do not call us after 11pm and offer us $20 to sit on your face. We are a legally operating business that adheres to all laws.